Law and religion round-up – 7th June

A week in which COVID-19 continued to dominate the headlines – and a church in Kent advertised for a full-time journalist…

Parish councils, grants to churches, and “the graffiti wall of death”

On Tuesday, we posted version 3 of our May a parish or town council grant-aid a place of worship? and binned the earlier one. We did so because it was pointed out to us that the earlier version – which had been to some degree overtaken by events and contained links that were no longer current – was being cited in some quarters as some kind of legally-authoritative statement. Which is all very flattering but also extremely worrying.

We do not have the time to update everything that we’ve ever written on this blog, even though lots of the earlier stuff is bound to be seriously out of date and some of it will by now be just plain wrong. The law is in a constant state of change: higher courts overturn the decisions of lower courts, statute law and secondary legislation are constantly being overwritten by subsequent legislation, and administrative decision-makers sometimes simply change their minds.

So, dear readers: please remember that anything we write is presented “as is” at the time we post it. Continue reading