Law and religion round-up – 1st October

“70 years of human rights trashed in 30 minutes”?

John Crace, The Guardian

The Home Secretary and the ECHR

The Times reports that “Suella Braverman has been authorised by Downing Street to float the prospect of leaving the European Convention on Human Rights as a ‘warning shot’ to the Strasbourg court not to block flights deporting migrants to Rwanda”, in advance of the Supreme Court hearing on the legality of the Government’s policy on shipping asylum seekers to Rwanda. According to the report:

“Downing Street confirmed that it had approved her speech, saying it ‘went through the normal process’ of being signed off. The Times understands that No 10 allowed Braverman to float the prospect of Britain leaving the convention. It is being seen as a strategy to put pressure on the Strasbourg court not to block Rwanda flights.”

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