“Net zero”, church heating, and the consistory courts – IV

“…it is far easier to put these aims into a paper than it is to implement in practice”

Re St. Mary the Virgin Dedham, at [16]

The Church of England’s commitment to “net zero by 2030” is an important factor when churches are considering the options for the replacement of an ageing or defunct heating system. Despite the limited consideration given to the selection of the target year, Synod’s agreement in February 2020 has catalysed action which has appreciably raised the profile of carbon reduction by the Church when compared with preceding years. On 23 June 2022, plans were announced to assist the 16,000 local churches and 4,500 schools reach carbon net zero by the end of the decade. These will be considered by General Synod on the afternoon of Friday 8 July 2022; a recent post the Press Release and Synod Motion and made some initial observations. Continue reading