Law and religion roundup – 9th June

The Equality Act, Human Rights Act and Climate Change Act as new electoral shibboleths?

The current election campaign in the United Kingdom has been subject to misinformation, manipulation of images and deliberate untruths on key issues. This has been promoted by the widespread use of social media, although in the present climate it is a naïve politician who anticipates that false claims will go unscrutinised, as events of the past week have shown. On Tuesday 4 June, the Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Robert Chote, wrote to leaders of political parties to ask that their parties and candidates use statistics appropriately and transparently. 

Full Fact conducts useful fact checks about the UK General Election 2024.  On L&RUK, election-related posts are limited to the legislation associated with the election, such as General Election 2024: campaigning and political activity, rather than claims made by candidates.

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