Law and religion roundup – 30th June

“…through our indiscriminate use of social media we are in danger of becoming stupid in our judgement of where to place our trust”

GS 2354 at [39]

We have no intention of changing the name of our blog in order to mislead potential readers – even to acquire further page-views. 

“See how these Christians love one another”

… as Tertullian didn’t quite say, even in Latin. In Uyi v Abraham (aka Imade, aka Pastor Osas Osakue of Light of Life Church) [2024] EWHC 1530 (KB), Mr Uyi was a pastor of the Gospel Church, Benin, Nigeria, while Mr Abraham was a pastor at the Light of Life Church in London. Mr Uyi claimed that four statements made about him by Mr Abraham in a video had been defamatory:

  • that he was “a false pastor of the seed of Belial”;
  • that he was “an anti-Christ now in a sheep’s clothing in the name of David to deceive God’s children”;
  • that “he also stole the church from someone who was raising a ministry”; and
  • that “blood is found on your hands”.

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