Law and religion round-up – 25th March

As Brexit begins to take shape, the IICSA hearings on the Anglican Churches conclude and Canon Pemberton loses his appeal…

Brexit: the Joint Draft Withdrawal Agreement

Brexit negotiators have reached a political deal on the terms of a Brexit transition period in a new draft withdrawal agreement. Under the proposed deal, which was adopted by the European Council on 23 March, the UK’s transition period for departure will last 21 months, ending in December 2020; and EU citizens who arrive in the UK during the transition will have the same rights as those arriving before Brexit. Negotiators have said that differences remained over Ireland and Northern Ireland and the UK has agreed that the EU’s “backstop” option for avoiding a hard border (which would include Northern Ireland remaining in the EU’s customs territory) should remain in the draft legal withdrawal text pending the UK bringing forward alternative solutions for avoiding a hard border. Continue reading