Re the Rustat Memorial: a casenote


In Re The Rustat Memorial, Jesus College, Cambridge [2022] ECC Ely 2, the College sought a faculty to remove the memorial to Tobias Rustat (1607/8-1694) from the College chapel and relocate it.

Critics of Rustat believed that he had derived much of his wealth from the slave trade as an investor in the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading into Africa and the Royal African Company, of which he was a director. He was buried in Jesus College, of which he was a benefactor, and a memorial to him was erected in the College chapel and moved to its present location in 1922. In 2020, the College’s Legacy of Slavery Working Party recommended that the memorial be moved from the chapel to an educational, permanent exhibition space within the College, but because the College had opted into the Church of England’s faculty jurisdiction it was obliged to seek a faculty to authorise the move. Continue reading