Use of cremation ashes for jewellery (again)

In the case Re St. John Seaton Hirst [2024] ECC New 1, a funeral director sought permission to exhume recently cremated remains for the purpose of removing a small quantity and re-interring the majority within the same plot in the churchyard of St John’s Seaton Hirst [1]. The basis for the petition was that, owing to an error on the part of the petitioner (a funeral director in a firm of undertakers), the remains of the deceased were erroneously interred without having retained a small quantity of the cremated remains for purposes previously discussed and agreed with the family of the deceased [2]. The interment in a family grave took place on 26 January 2024, and having notified the Diocesan Registrar of the error on 31 January, brought the petition, accompanied by appropriate consents, on 1 February [3]. Continue reading