Law and religion round-up – 6th March

UK COVID-19 Inquiry: new website

On 1 March, the Government launched the  UK COVID-19 Inquiry website as the portal for the independent public inquiry into the UK’s preparedness for and response to the pandemic.

Church of England guidance on COVID-19 restrictions

As we noted in our last round-up, the Church of England COVID-19 Guidance page indicated that “it [would] remain as a point of reference for the time being, and [the Church is] in the process of updating documentation including our advice on church buildings, risk assessment and cleaning church buildings to reflect the current situation.” This remains the position, although there is currently no reference/pop-up to this guidance on the Church’s home page. Last year, guidance on Lent and Holy Week and Easter was posted on 19 January 2021, four weeks before Ash Wednesday. Continue reading