Law and religion roundup – 31st March

Clergy Discipline (Amendment) Rules 2024

The Clergy Discipline (Amendment) Rules 2024, which were laid before Parliament on 21 March and are subject to negative resolution, amend the Clergy Discipline Rules 2005; they came into force on 22 March.

Rule 2 amends rule 74 of the 2005 Rules to provide for the Archbishops’ List under section 83 of the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure 2018 to be made available to suffragan bishops as well as to diocesan bishops.

Rule 3 amends rule 106 to expand the definitions of “provincial registrar” and “registrar” to include a deputy registrar or other person appointed under section 29 or 31 of the 2018 Measure. It also corrects the definition of “bishop” to remove the unnecessary reference to area bishops. Continue reading