Law and religion round-up – 8th November

Remembrance Sunday in lockdown.

Guidance, legislation, and how not to do it

The publication of guidance prior to legislation has been an unwelcome feature of the Government’s approach to coronavirus issues, which has been compounded by inconsistencies between different sets of advice. Initially, the MHCLG Guidance was at odds with Part 5 of the Cabinet Office guidance, New National Restrictions from 5 November, but after a revision on 6 November 2020 these issues have been resolved (and reflected in our posts) to confirm that places of worship must remain closed for communal worship, although celebrants may enter “to broadcast services to their communities and will be able to incorporate Remembrance services as part of this when they do so.”

That said, MHCLG releasing the updated version of the updated COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic in order to reflect the new lockdown Regulations late on the Friday afternoon before Remembrance Sunday was not exactly helpful. Continue reading