Law and religion round-up – 7th May

In the news this week: “Slow walking”, “Silent prayer” and “Pyjama injunctions”

…as well as the Coronation of King Charles III, which for some was “a good day to bury bad news”…

Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill

On Tuesday, the Government published the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill: there is a link to the text of the draft Bill and the associated documents here. The most important aspect of the Bill for places of worship is that the Government has kept to its undertaking that they will all be treated as “standard duty” premises – on which the compliance obligations are much less onerous – regardless of their capacity unless they impose an admission charge. But even so, the cost of compliance is estimated to be around £2,000 – which might stretch the resources of very small congregations. Continue reading