Law and religion round-up – 8th October

The week in which Dame Sue Carr was sworn in as Lady Chief Justice of England & Wales…

…and a week in which fact checkers have been working overtime to counter spurious claims on the impact of HS2 developments. However, matters are still in a state of flux, as the Department of Transport has officially confirmed:

“The decision to cancel parts of the HS2 programme will require primary legislation…[t]he alternative vision set out by government for Euston, including the model with private sector funding for the HS2 station, is subject to further work and business case”.

None of this, however, is likely to affect “the UK’s largest ever human remains reburial programme” in Phase 1, described here.

Race, feminism and the Grainger criteria

At a preliminary hearing in Mr S Corby v Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service [2023] ET 1805305/2022, Mr Corby claimed that he held philosophical beliefs that challenged critical theory in general and a belief in the importance of character over race. Specifically, he claimed that the “woke” or “critical theory” approach to racism was misconceived and the belief in structural racism was divisive because it saw white people as a problem that could result in separatism, segregation and ethnocentrism. Continue reading