Religion and Law Quiz 2013

Last year we followed the example of the King William’s College Quizpublished each year in The Guardian, and posted our own End of Term Quiz to ascertain whether our readers had been paying attention since June 2012 when this blog started in earnest.  Since then our readership has increased appreciably, and we have compiled a further quiz concerning events in law and religion during 2013, many of which have featured in our posts.

Answers will be posted in early January.

  1. When did the Queen last say “No”?
  2. During which period in 2013 did an umbrella replace a tiara?
  3. Who ordered skeletons to be exchanged?
  4. Which centenarian ended up in prison a month after his death?
  5. What is the link between the Victorian MP, Ross Donnelly Mangles and the present MP for Exeter, Ben Bradshaw?
  6. How will the Supreme Court become independent of government in 2014, and which other legal body will follow suit?
  7. How many government U-turns have there been since May 2010: 0-49: 50-99; 100 or more?
  8. Which Winsome ladies found a new home in Birmingham?
  9. Translate and contextualize:
    1. Ecce dinero;
    2. Miserando atque eligendo;
    3. Reno erat Rudolphus;
    4. Evangelii Gaudium;
    5. Lumen Fidei
    6. meas ingravescente aetate“?
  10. What connects: the part of an arm; hairs from a beard; and some skin? [Points will be deducted for any reference to Ezekiel 37: 1-14]?
  11. What, and according to whom are “musically illiterate, almost is if they were written by semi-trained teenagers, getting to grips with musical rudiments”?
  12. Which UK Cathedral church: featured its (allegedly underpaid) choir in Songs of Praise; had a concert celebrating the completion of its £1.5M organ refurbishment; and announced the redundancy of most of its choristers, all in the same week?
  13. Who said of whom: “it is rather unattractive for the executive to be taking up court time and public money to establish that a regulation is valid, when it has already taken up parliamentary time to enact legislation which retrospectively validates the regulation”?
  14. Who is concerned about the “relative importance” of the work of Charles Nicholson?
  15. Where were Mary and Joseph required to wear safety helmets?
  16. Who said: “the first rule for keeping security in Bethlehem was: no kings, no mention of kings, no mention of David.  Anyone who shows up talking about David or kings was on their way . . . . . [t]he second rule of keeping order was to keep the shepherds sober and on the hills, looking after their sheep by night, or day, or any other time”?
  17. In which Cathedral church did replacing the old Philharmonic cost £350,000?
  18. Which Act re-enacted part of an earlier Act that had been repealed without ever having been brought into force?
  19. In which section of which Act is “the devil in the text” rather than “in the detail”?
  20. In what respect did Cambridge University catch up with Oxford in 2013?

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