Data protection policy statement

An important message to subscribers

As everyone will be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into operation on 25 May. In terms of how that event affects this blog:

  • We currently hold the e-mail addresses of those who have registered to receive e-mail updates, but not their names.
  • We do not have the e-mail addresses of those who have subscribed via WordPress.
  • We hold no other personal data on subscribers.
  • We assume that, for the purposes of the GDPR, we have a legitimate interest in holding that information and that subscribers recognise that interest.
  • We therefore propose to delete the e-mail addresses of all existing e-mail subscribers on 24 May, which means that those who wish to continue receving e-mail notifications will have to subscribe afresh.
  • We shall take resubscription to signify informed consent to our holding the e-mail addresses of individual subscribers on our system.
  • We only communicate with subscribers by e-mail and not by any other means.

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