Law and religion round-up – 25th October

So, fingers crossed, we appear to be back in business…

The state of the blog

Since late September, there have been problems with some browsers when attempting to access L&RUK, and a security warning has been displayed instead of the padlock icon (lock icon) adjacent to the website address, indicating the secure “https” mode where communications between browser and web server are encrypted. Early in October, we took the decision to migrate the website to a different internet service provider (ISP), and through our IT consultant, the process of migration has been in progress. This has been a lengthy process in view of the size of the files associated with L&RUK and the involvement of a number of third parties in relation to various permissions required, in addition to the mechanics of the transfer and the subsequent testing.

At last, normal operation returned on Monday 20 October 2020. We have published a “catch-up” post which provides links to the L&RUK posts and Weekly legislation updates issued since 23 September which some readers may not have been able to view.

We should like to thank everyone for bearing with us during what has been a fairly stressful experience and, in particular, John Lagrue for managing the transfer to the new ISP. (Unfortunately, the problems with the site seemed to have almost no effect on the amount of spam that we received…)

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