Law and religion round-up – 25th September

“Those who serve will be loved and remembered longer than those who cling to power and privilege are long forgotten”

Justin Welby

Northern Ireland religion statistics

The BBC reports that the 2021 Census figures show that for the first time there are more people from a Roman Catholic background in Northern Ireland than a Protestant one. The proportion of the resident population that is either Roman Catholic or brought up as Roman Catholic is now 45.7 per cent, as against 43.48 per cent Protestant. At the same time, the proportion of the population identifying as non-religious has grown to 17.4 per cent – nearly double in the proportion in the 2011 Census. Coupled with the fact that Northern Ireland voted ‘No’ in the Brexit referendum, we cannot help wondering what effect all this might have in a future referendum on a united Ireland.

Russia and the ECtHR

The ECtHR has announced that Russia formally ceased to be a party to the ECHR on Friday 16 September 2022, Continue reading