Law and religion round-up – 9th April

The week when a “green man” became involved in the Coronation…

…albeit limited to the design of the invitations. Some have suggested links to paganism, but whilst the designation “green man” is relatively recent, its depiction in churches is not uncommon: in St Mary Redcliffe, in Bristol, there are at least thirty-six located in foliate masks around doors, roof bosses and elsewhere.

In L&RUK this week, Jonathan Chaplin’s post  Lost in transmission – on not romanticising the Coronation attracted a substantial amount of comment.

Amendments to the Treasure Act 1996

Further to our post Amendments to the Treasure Act 1996 – and an ecclesiastical exemption, the Treasure (Designation) (Amendment) Order 2023 was made on 30 March 2023 and comes into force on 30 July. Continue reading