Brexit Basics 4: update 18th July

Further developments and legal opinions


An awful warning from Tim Shipman in yesterday’s Red Box:

“Politics is simply the medium through which everyone interacts with the world beyond their own doorstep. In the age of social media, politics is something the masses can do to their rulers (exhibit A: the EU referendum) as much as it is something that leaders do to their people.”

How true. Just as it seemed as though there was little else to be said about Brexit, the dynamics of the situation changed again when as a result of the Conservative MPs’ vote, Theresa May was elected as Party Leader and became Prime Minister on 13 July. The subsequent appointments in the new government and the proposed rearrangements in Whitehall have added further uncertainty to the manner in which the proceedings will progress. The early meeting of Mrs May with Nicola Sturgeon has added to the speculation regarding the role to be played by the Scottish government, and the outgoing comments of Oliver Letwin on the dearth of trade deal expertise are concerning.

Among the first comments pertinent to law and religion were: Continue reading