Law and religion round-up – 15th November

So it’s goodbye from him…

…but to what extent were the “exit” photographs carefully choreographed?

COVID-19: Welsh Government guidance

The Welsh Government has now corrected most of the errors in its Guidance on reopening places of worship. It is also publishing further guidance at regular intervals, and those items relevant to places of worship and their work are linked from Cytûn’s webpage. The Government’s guidance on community activities has not yet been updated, but the Wales Council for Voluntary Action has updated its own guidance which, suggests Cytûn, will be especially useful in reopening church halls, vestries and suchlike. Likewise, the Welsh Government guidance on hospitality (including cafés hosted by places of worship) has not yet been updated, but UK Hospitality Wales has published a useful briefing. There is also a series of updates to Cytûn’s COVID 19 – Briefing Paper. [With thanks to Gethin Rhys.]

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