Ecclesiastical court judgments – January 2021

Review of the ecclesiastical court judgments during January 2021

The seven consistory court judgments which were circulated in January 2021 relate to Reordering, extensions & other building works, Exhumation, and Churchyard Regulations  and Trees. This summary also includes Privy Council Business, and CFCE Determinations, as well as links to other posts relating to ecclesiastical law.

Reordering, extensions & other building works

Substantial reordering

Re St. Thomas the Martyr Newcastle upon Tyne [2021] ECC New 1 The catalyst behind the petition was the announcement by the Bishop of Newcastle in early 2018 of an award of £2.6M from the Church of England to help revitalize church life in Newcastle city centre. The grant was intended to see the creation of a new Resource Church, aimed at people between the ages of 17 and 45 with a projected 400-plus strong congregation within five years. Once established, the church will then drive growth across the whole of the Diocese of Newcastle, working with other churches in both urban and rural communities to stimulate growth. To that end, the Resource Church was launched in October 2019 to resource mission and ministry across the diocese [8]. Continue reading