Peterborough Cathedral: Michael Sadgrove’s thoughts on the visitation report

Michael Sadgrove, Dean Emeritus of Durham, has kindly permitted us to cross-post Peterborough Cathedral: thoughts on the visitation report, first published on his blog Woolgathering in North East England on 9 January 2017.

The Bishop of Peterborough has recently conducted a visitation of his Cathedral. His charge is now published. It makes interesting reading.

Some may be wondering what a Cathedral visitation actually is. The answer is that it is a legal process whereby the Bishop as the “Visitor” of his or her Cathedral engages in a formal review or audit of aspects of the Cathedral’s mission and life. Articles of inquiry addressed to the Chapter set out the scope of the visitation. Written answers will be followed up by interviews and meetings. The Bishop’s areas of concern frequently reflect challenges that the Cathedral may have faced, for example in financial management, compliance or governance. But a visitation does not need to be a response to real or perceived problems. Continue reading