Law and religion round-up – 19th April

And during the first virtual Easter week in living memory…

L&RUK and Coronavirus – COVID-19

To puzzled subscribers who received notification of the new post Coronavirus – COVID-19, we should explain that this week we decided to join the “big boys'” websites and put “coronavirus” up front on our home page. However, just like pinning a Tweet, it is first necessary to publish the post before identifying it as a “sticky” featured post. 

While Coronavirus – COVID-19 falls outside the normal scope of L&RUK, in view of its widespread impact in this area it has been the subject of a number of posts. Links to these and other related information are available on the page Coronavirus updates – index, which is frequently updated with the latest information.

Coronavirus-COVID 19: legislation and guidance

The Explanatory Notes to the Coronavirus Act 2020 are now online. Legislation relating to coronavirus is available at This includes the three principal relevant primary legislative instruments and links to secondary legislation and legislation originating in the EU containing “coronavirus” in the title. There are links to pages listing the legislation that has been changed by this primary and secondary coronavirus-related legislation. Additionally, this web page also provides links to the guidance on coronavirus in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Continue reading