Hijabs in the workplace: A G Kokott’s opinion in Achbita

Advocate General Juliane Kokott has published her opinion in Achbita & Anor v G4S Secure Solutions NV [2016] CJEU C-157/15.

G4S Secure Solutions NV is a Belgian company that provides security, guarding and reception services. Samira Achbita, a Muslim, worked as a receptionist for G4S; and after three years she insisted that she should be allowed to wear a hijab at work.  G4S prohibits employees from wearing any visible religious, political or philosophical symbols at work and, consequently, dismissed her. The Belgian Court of Cassation, before which her wrongful dismissal appeal is now pending, asked the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling clarifying the prohibition under EU law of discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.

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