Consistory court judgments & other determinations – May


Although fewer judgments were reported this month in comparison to April, they covered a wider range of issues including: reordering, extensions & other building works; telecommunications; exhumation; churchyard memorials; and fonts. Those of particular interest are: Re St Mary Mildenhall involving “a flagrant disregard of the faculty jurisdiction” by both the Priest-in-Charge and an electrical contractor; Re Quoc Tru Tran, deceased , concerning non-Christians mistakenly buried in consecrated ground, again; Re Astwood Cemetery, which provided yet another example of the discrepancy between chancellors in the application of the “family grave” guidance; and Re St Philip Scholes where there was an examination of the law relating to the disposal of fonts. These will form the basis of future posts which will consider the issues in greater depth, [Update:  also Re St. Mary the Virgin Burghfield, in relation to the removal of unauthorized items &c from graves]

Some of the decisions reached at the 12 May meeting of the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England (CFCE) have now been reported, and the CofE has also published the findings of a disciplinary tribunal under the Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM).

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