Law and religion round-up – 8th March

A week almost totally dominated by …

… Coronavirus (COVID-19): “the KISS of Peace?”

As non-experts in this area, this blog and our respective tweets do not give advice per se but focus on the guidance issued by the churches and the national authorities. Further to our earlier posts on the advice given by Anglican churches in the UK, on 5 March we were independently burning the midnight oil to summarize the latest revised guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) produced – separately – by the Church of England and by the Church in Wales. The former post attempts to provide access, with a couple of clicks of the mouse, to the issues within the CofE guidance, which appeared to be of most relevance to clergy, PCCs and parishioners. A number of dioceses, such as Oxford, have produced their own approach to the C of E’s guidance.

As we noted in our last round-up, on 28 February the Church of Ireland issued Covid-19: Guidance for parishes, which links to Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) advice, Coronavirus(COVID-19) guidance for religious services, page 4 of which gives specific measures which may be taken. On 6 March, the Scottish Episcopal Church, which had previously been following that issued by the Church of England, issued its own guidance after taking independent medical advice. Continue reading