Extradition, fear of persecution and the ECHR: FG v Sweden


FG is an Iranian who arrived in Sweden in November 2009 claiming asylum. In his initial asylum application, he submitted that he had been politically active against the Iranian regime. He also mentioned that he had converted to Christianity after coming to Sweden but said that he did not wish to rely on it as a ground for asylum because he considered it a personal matter. He was refused asylum on political grounds but requested a stay of deportation, relying on his conversion to Christianity as a new fact to be taken into consideration. His request was refused; however, he took the matter to the ECtHR and his expulsion was stayed by an interim ruling in October 2011 under Rule 39 of the ECtHR Rules of Court that he should not be expelled to Iran while the Court was considering his case. In the Chamber judgment of 16 January 2014, the Court rejected his application by four votes to three: he appealed to the Grand Chamber. Continue reading