Shakespeare’s missing skull – the mystery deepens

… but scientific analysis proved the Beoley churchwarden to be correct

April 23rd marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and in addition to the many commemorative events seeking to capitalize on the occasion, there has been renewed interest in his burial in the church of Holy Trinity, Stratford upon Avon. In our post Shakespeare’s Skull – Church court rejects Gothic fiction we considered the case of Re St Leonard Beoley [2015] Worcester Const Ct  relating to a church about 15 miles from Stratford; this concerned the unsuccessful petition for the exhumation a skull for examination,  which some accounts had suggested was that of the bard. The story has now moved on, Shakespeare’s grave in Holy Trinity has been examined using Ground-Penetrating Radar, (GPR), and the “Beoley skull” has been subject to a laser scan and forensic examination. Whilst some questions have been answered other intriguing ones remain. Continue reading