Law and religion round-up – 31st October

COP-out in weegie-land?

With everyone keen on “virtue signalling” for the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (a.k.a. COP 26) in Glasgow, President Joe Bidens  85-car motorcade in Rome to see the Pope, and the UK government’s Budget announcement for the reduction in the UK Air Passenger Duty for domestic flights “With the intention of boosting air travel within the UK”, were but two of the “tin-eared” responses to global warming over the past week.

On a more positive note, the Church of England announced Church bells across nation set to ring on the eve of COP26 (an event in which Frank took part) in warning of climate catastrophe ahead of COP26 and has launched a consultation on plans to get to net zero carbon in just nine years as its new Synod prepares to meet. This is of direct relevance to considerations in the consistory courts, primarily on the replacement of heating and lighting systems, on which we have posted on a number of occasions. We will follow the consultation with interest, (and David will respond in a personal capacity).

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