Religious discrimination in employment: Wiccan unfairly dismissed

The Daily Mail reports that Ms Karen Holland, a Wiccan who claimed that she was sacked by the proprietors of the grocery store where she had worked for over two years because she had attended a Halloween ceremony, has been awarded £15,337.12 in compensation after a successful claim for unfair dismissal, sex discrimination and religious discrimination. Her employers had insisted that they had fired her after they caught her stealing a magazine and a lottery ticket.

According to the report, Watford Employment Tribunal concluded that her dismissal had breached “the basics of natural justice” and that her employers’ reaction when she explained that she was a Wiccan “… crossed the line from polite if uninformed and possible crass enquiry to insulting mockery”. Her employers announced that they would appeal.

There is a helpful general treatment of the position of Paganism in English law on the Religious Studies blog.